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When you’re decorating your home or choosing utility items, how important is uniqueness to you? What about when picking out special gifts? A handmade item can almost always guarantee a level of individuality you’ll never find at a department store.

Will it cost more?

Sometimes. And I won’t lie – sometimes the difference in price is significant. Here’s a rather dramatic comparison of the higher end differences between handmade and mass-produced items. The items range from Rolls Royce to handmade knives.

Subtle, but powerful benefits

As far as cost comparison on some of the items we have in our gallery, most of the time the differences are not so great. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to post about our various artists and their work, with highlights on what it is about their items that make it worth your time to come to the gallery and the money you’d spend to purchase handmade versus mass-manufactured.

One of our woodworkers, Christopher Kunkle, offers wooden spoons. These are the larger variety for using to stir sauces, cook or mix batters. They run around $20-25.00. That’s for a unique, one of a kind, made from a local tree with beautiful colors or grain pattern, utensil. They’re beautiful and useful, and well worth every penny plus a lot more. Anyone who loves to cook will enjoy this spoon every time they use it in a way unlikely to happen with a similar spoon bought at Wal-mart. It’s one of the subtle fringe benefits from buying handmade. And not just handmade, but Ozarks handmade. Kingston, northwest Arkansas handmade.

Unique wooden spoons by Christopher Kunkle.
Wooden spoons by Christopher Kunkle.

Check back at our website next week for the next post about another of our woodworkers, Ron Cox, who also offers practical, yet beautiful items.

Kingston Square Arts is a small gallery of arts and crafts made by hands that live within 50 miles of Kingston, Arkansas. You can find our tiny little town at the junction of Highway 74 and 21. It’s north of Boxley Valley and southeast of Huntsville (east of Fayetteville) and southwest of Harrison.

Through the winter we are open Saturdays and Sundays, 10 am to 5 pm, as weather permits. But if it is sunny and the traffic is flowing through our little Square, don’t be surprised to see the lights on and door open at other times during this season! Winter hours run January 18 – March 15.

Store hours and days open vary according to the season, but you can find current hours or quickly send a message at our Facebook page.

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